Cheap accommodation deals for sports events

Are you looking for cheap accommodation deals at your favourite holiday destination?

Or to a big world sports event that won’t break the bank?

The Rugby World Cup and the FIFA World Cup are held every four years.  Then Horror at cost of accommodationthere’s the tennis, golf, motor racing etc events.  The list is endless for a sports event junkie.

The cost of attending any world event, especially one spanning a country’s length and breadth like the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, can quickly add up to 10s of thousands of dollars.  And the price for taking the whole family can equate to a down deposit on a house!

So of course you would be looking for cheap accommodation deals!

(See if you can spot the typo in the video!  No prizes, just bragging rights!)

Your home away from home …

I bet you’ve seen these little tools around but you didn’t pay them much heed.  I bet you’re unaware of their full potential.

These little tools will empower you to experience the world.

Whether you want to stay in a chic city apartment, a luxury beach resort or a cosy B&B in the countryside, here is why you need these neat little tools to access the amazing diversity and breadth of choices available to you – all in one place.

The first one:

  • searches 29,030,795 properties from 143,171 destinations in 230 countries and territories worldwide to bring you the perfect holiday accommodation you are looking for
  • offers you the best available rates, with a promise to price match so that you are assured you’re getting a great deal
  • instantly confirms your reservation (in many cases, with no cancellation fee)
  • does not charge you any booking fees or add any administrative charges
  • provides actual human customer service 24/7 in over 40 languages, any time of the day or night

For longer trips, the search for cheap accommodation deals will have you looking up holiday rentals that can offer the comforts of home away from home.

The second one:

  • searches up to 200 booking sites to bring you the best deals to bring you the lowest prices on hotels
  • save up to 30% when you compare prices on their platform

Why show me 2 tools doing the same thing?

To give you the confidence that you will be getting the best accommodation deal available.

These are the two biggest providers in the world.  They’re in competition with each other.  So no matter the destination, they have you covered.  Between these two, you do not have to search anywhere else.

Search on both.  Compare your options.  Choose the one that gives you what you’re after, at the rate you’re after.

Find your cheap accommodation deals now.

Whatever accommodation type you are looking for, these tools finds the best in cheap accommodation deals for you.

Trusted by many

Every 9 minutes, someone is making a booking for Amsterdam on booking.com.  75% of bookings are made by guests who have already made more than five bookings on their global listing platform.

Right now, people are using these tools to search for their ideal World Cup deals.

Finding accommodation deals through these search tools mean you are assured of dealing with the world’s most recognised online hotel and accommodation platforms.

Click here to find your deals now.

By the way, which matches will you be attending at the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan?  Want some suggestions?  Have a read through the Rugby World Cup 2019 matches we recommend watching to get the best bang for your buck.

Property owners of holiday homes

Looking to get your holiday home listed for additional income?  Read are article on Rent Out your Holiday Home.



  1. “Taking whole family [to a major sports event] can equate to a deposit on the house” – that’s so true, haha. 😀 Slightly sad, but true. I know people, who’ve sadly have done this. It can really add up. And I completely agree to the fact that essentially the only way around this is to try to save wherever you can, which includes the accommodation as well.

    I’ve been on a look out for ways to save. I was completely unaware that there was a tool like this! It’s probably because I haven’t been that much into travelling to sports events, yet. I’ll definitely have some messing around with it!

    Cheers, thank you for the insights, I sincerely appreciate it!

    Have a Great One!


    • Yes, it’s definitely worth doing a bit of research and see where you can save.  The kids may want what they want but it’s always hard to say no.  So I try to save in other areas and indulge them where I can.

      Who knows, you may find another platform out there that gives you better accommodation deals.  But for the record, this is the one that has given me excellent service and has not left me stranded in foreign lands when I’m suddenly in a bind.  This is the one that I trust; so I’m endorsing it.

      Thanks for stopping by, mate.  Have a great one!

  2. Wow what a nifty brilliant tool in cheap accommodation deals for sports events for the cost of attending any world event, especially one spanning a country’s length and breadth like the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, can quickly add up to 10s of thousands of dollars.  And the price for taking the whole family can equate to a down deposit on a house! and surely you will be looking for cheap deals.

    I surely make my friends aware of these site and thank you very much and all the best

    kind regards

  3. Thanks for the very informative article I enjoyed it.

    Indeed its important to save money in this challenging economic condition at the same time we need to fulfill our loved ones dreams as well.

    Thanks for sharing the helpful information on Cheap accommodation deals and I got new insights from your post.

    I am a cricket fan and I am looking forward for the 2019 world cup cricket and your post is a greater help. Will get back to you soon.

    Wishing you great success! I will share your post with my friends and I am sure they will find it very useful.


    • Ahh cricket … I’m still trying to think which team is better equipped to deal with the unpredictable English weather to take the 2019 Cup (based on their current form). 

      Yes, always look for cheap accommodation deals that won’t break the bank.  My strategy is to save as much as I can on air fare and accommodation deals, and then splurge on unforgettable moments like a cricket match and some great dinners to experience the local life!

  4. Hello there. Hope you are having a good time with the season and happy Thanksgiving to you. Thank you for sharing this great information about Cheap accommodation deals for sports events. I love sports especially football. Football brings the world together. I think this app will be a great medium to save money on accommodation.

    • Holiday time and major sports events always jack the prices of accommodation up.  So looking at non-hotel type accommodation are great options to explore.  You get to really experience another country like a local!  So check out their family-friendly home deals … my family and I have had great exotic holidays with them and we still talk about some of our adventures long after arriving back home.

  5. Hey there,

    This article came just in time as I, as person who is constantly travelling, I am always on the look for some cheap accomodation deals. And often, as I travel I tend to stumble across some cool sports events, such as MMA, football, rugby events and etc. therefore I am constantly in need for some cheap, short term accomadation rent deals neart the place of event. I will be definitely checking out some of the great deals here in the near future, thanks a lot!

    • Yep, definitely worth doing your own little research when taking a trip.  You’ll be surprised not only at how much you can save but also the type of exotic accommodations available within your price range.  It definitely adds to the flavour of international travel!

  6. This is another booking site.  There are many of them out there right now.  The point is most of them work very well so use which ever one seems comfortable for you.

    This one seems very convenient as it lists all accommodations and not just hotels.  This was a great article and very easy to understand.

    Thank you

    • Totally agree.  Go with the one you’re comfortable with.  Booking.com saved me from many a hiccup on my travels.  So I’m very comfortable with them.

      The last trip I took (just this past September) was to the island of Sifnos in Greece.  Arrived the day their ferry was on strike; which meant I still had to pay for that night’s lost accommodation in Sifnos even though it was through no fault of mine that I could not turn up.  I also had to get last minute booking to spend the night in Athens until the ferry was running.  Booking.com representative (in Amsterdam) called before I even thought to call them and asked why I did not turn up. He then proceeded to negotiate with the owner of the property and got them to not only hold my booking for me but also waive the cost of the lost night.  Then he got me a great accommodation in Athens for my unexpected stay.  Loved it so much, I re-booked on the way back!

      So yes, there are many out there.  But booking.com saved my wallet and my holiday mood many a times … big time!  Which is why I’m fully endorsing them.

  7. I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam so it’s really nice to know that travelers can find cheap accommodations to such an exotic location. It truly is a beautiful place (from the photos I’ve seen) and it’s somewhere I look forward to visiting in the future, even though it may not be the near future. I just hope these kinds of deals on travel will be available when I’m finally able to travel to such a destination.

    • Don’t worry, there will always be deals as people will always be needing to take a break.

      I find the best way to see Europe is catch a train.  Travel within EU is like domestic (no passports/customs to deal with after your initial entry) but with the comfort seat of long haul flights.  It’s great.  That’s how I saw Amsterdam – flew into Belgium and from there, trained into surrounding cities including Amsterdam.  Highly recommend it!

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