Best lineup in RWC 2019 schedule is today

Three massive games today at Rugby World Cup 2019, with the best lineup of games in the whole tournament schedule (all times in Japan).

AUSTRALIA vs FIJI (1.45pm)

Either a big 20-30-point win by the favourites, Australia, or a close win by the underdogs – exactly what I said before SA vs Japan in 2015.


Always a grudge match, with Argentina saving their best for the French at World Cups. Not impressed by this Pumas team though, and France have a strange lineup, with 7s star Virimi Vakatawa at inside centre! But they do have the best running scrumhalf, er, running around in world rugby at the moment in Antoine Dupont.

With tournament co-favourites England also in the group, it means whoever loses today will be effectively out of the tournament already.


Nothing to say, really, except that losing won’t be so bad, as it means probably meeting Ireland in the semis (yes, that world No 1 ranked team who have never ever qualified for the RWC semifinals). The winner will probably face Eddie’s Jones’ England.

Tournament history is full of cases of two teams who met in the group stage playing again in the final. So it could well happen again. But am pretty sure also that history also says that no team that have lost a group match have ever gone on to win the tournament.

So actually it is a big deal after all.

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