Rugby World Cup 2019 schedule: making sense of it

Who’s up when, where, against who?

Still unsure of which teams will be playing in the Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan?  When they will be playing?  Who they will be playing? Where they will be playing?  If you’re looking for your Rugby World Cup 2019 schedule, here it is!  Taken straight from the official Rugby World Cup website.

RWC 2019 schedule thumbnail

Which pool is your team playing in?
Open the pool-side view in a new window.

Thumbnail RWC 2019 schedule

When are the games played? 
See the chronological table view in a new window.

RWC 2019 venue map

Where are the games hosted?
View the schedule, by city and stadium in a new window.  This is a cool one as it also lays it out for you in a map so that you know just how much of Japan you get to see by attending the biggest sports event in 2019.

Matches to watch in the Rugby World Cup 2019 schedule

Whether you’re at home or traversing the length and breadth of Japan following your favourite team  from venue to venue, you will be very much challenged in the planning of your viewing schedule.

To best experience the phenomenon that is the Rugby World Cup, do not limit yourself to just the main matches.  The overall feel can be best gained by attending some of the minor squabbles.

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  1. Although I am a recent newcomer to enjoying rugby, I have been trying to find games wherever I could. In most of the games I find, they reference the Rugby world cup. I have been looking around for games in the recent future so this site has definitely been helpful in showing me how to find them. Thanks for the post!

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