Ireland Six Nations tickets

Unless you were lucky enough to get tickets directly from each country’s rugby associations and clubs, the general public are left scrambling for tickets that are being re-sold on reseller platforms like StubHub, LiveRugbyTickets, Ticketmaster.

And as is the nature of an open market system dealing with a finite supply, demand will raise prices to levels that will make you think twice about losing the farm.

Our recommendation? For the same amount of money, you can enjoy a great game watching it with friends at your local pub or wherever the game is being streamed live.

But if you must attend in person, here are the links to get your tickets:

Don’t miss

Ireland’s only remaining Six Nations match at home this season is the Ireland vs France clash in March 10th. Don’t forget to check according to your local time zone. We’ve been to pubs to watch a game and found out we did not take into account our location’s time difference.

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    • See?! Grassroot club officials and corporate affiliations. Yep, I can see that.

      And as I’ve said before, I really don’t mind the ticket prices. They’re responding to an open market demand. That’s the character of a free market system.

      What I don’t like is the portion RWC allocates to the general public. Too small. I say less for the grassroot officials and corporate sponsors.

  1. There are always people willing to pay above the ticket price to watch something live, and others with tickets who are happy to watch at home or at pubs. The resell price is the price at which those two forces meet. What’s wrong with that?

    • Nothing at all, mate. Nothing at all.

      The problem, I reckon, is more that they reserve too many tickets for the clubs and officials and not release enough to the general public. If people have to camp out nights to get their tickets, why not.

      But I dislike club officials and corporate connections getting automatic allocations; who then just turn around and profit from driving the prices high.

      If prices are going to be that high, let it be the general public that drives it and profits from it. Fairer, more open system then.

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