Cash in on the rise of online Fantasy Sports

Making money with sports

Every day, people go online searching for ways to making money with sports.  There are the usual ways that everyone knows about:

⇒  Write a sports blog, monetize the website with ads

⇒ Sell sports memorabilia and/or equipment, products and services – you can do this online with an e-commerce website or offline in flea markets and the like.  If this is your inclination, then let me help you get started.  Here’s a place where you can join for free and help you set up your website (also for free).

But there is an exciting avenue available online to anyone who has the passion to run with it:  Fantasy Sports!

Earning potential in Fantasy Sport

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, the global number of people playing fantasy sports is rising.

Fantasy sports banner

At a glance, “Fantasy sports players are younger, better educated, with higher household incomes and more likely to have fulltime employment“.  [see Fantasy Sports demographics]

This is obviously a demographic with very high disposable income, reported to be spending $653/year per player.

In 2017, there were 59.3 million people in just the U.S. and Canada playing fantasy sports.

Proportionally, a similar rise is being observed around the globe; including countries like Australia, the U.K. and in the highly populous regions of Africa, Asia and South America.

This is a staggering growth industry, with the figures above indicating an annually rising spend in the BILLIONS of dollars!

To get just 0.01% of that, you are still talking in the millions.

Should you get in on the action in Fantasy Sport?

Definitely, yes!

Why not run your own league on any sport you want (football, rugby, ice hockey, tennis … etc etc etc) in whatever part of the world you’re in?

Online earning opportunity

Have you been searching for ways to making money with sports?

Have you been looking for ways to run your own business?  Quit your day job?  Be your own boss?

It does not take much to realise your dream.  So take action today and make it a reality!

The hottest topic in Social Media is Social Gaming, getting members to compete and socialize with each other.  Yahoo and Facebook are classic examples of this.

Get in on the action and run a fantasy sports league on your website.

Turnkey solution to making money with sports

If you do not have a website, they have a turnkey solution where everything is handed over to you and you merely fill in your ownership details i.e. name, contact details.

There are several ways that you can earn from fantasy sports:

1.  You get a percentage of every single league running (you can run as many leagues as you want).

The average take in the industry is around 10% of the pay to cover expenses and to make your profit (and believe me, that is a huge chunk).  The rest of the take is given over to highly attractive prize pools, making your players extremely happy and keep them coming back for more.

Your leagues can be as small as your local scene or as large as a global reach.  You determine how much of a success you want to be.

2.  Run ads on your fantasy sports platform.

It is very easy to run ads on websites.  You just apply for any of the numerous affiliate networks out there.  You will most likely be approved.  Then you just plug in their code on your website and advertisers with truly global brands will be showcasing their products and services to your players as they are having fun in their fantasy league.

3.  Membership fees.

When you’re growing your customer base, you may offer free membership to your leagues.  But at some point, you may want to reward your loyal members with value-added perks.  Companies usually offer these perks to loyal members when they join their elite rewards program.

Risk-free, small investment for huge gains

This is a truly global business that is cheaper than a global franchise, with none of the huge overheads.  Imagine if you had experienced the success of MacDonalds?  Of Starbucks?  Of KFC?

This is the giant equivalent for the online business sector.

Depending on how fast you want your business to be up and running, they have options that start from only $97/month – $297/month.

For an opportunity that will set you well onto the path of financial security, this is a minuscule investment.

To buy a franchise, you’re looking at thousands of dollars to just get started.  Unlike franchises, you do not need a huge investment to get your fantasy sports business up and running.

Sign up for a 7-day free trial and assess for yourself the powerful pull of Fantasy Sports.

There are no lock-in contracts.  Try it for 7 days.

And if you like it, pay a one-time fee of $297 for the software and run it however you want on your website.  You will have a lifetime entitlement to all future upgrades on their software.

If you would rather automate everything and not do anything except concentrate on growing your league membership base, sign up for the full-automation option of only $297/month.

If, after a couple of months, you are confident you can run your league without their automation, then just stop your subscription.  You will still have their plugin to run the league on your platform.  You will still be entitled to all future upgrades to their software.

Now let’s be real.  You are building a business.  Of course some effort will be required to start making money with sports.  Of course you will have to work at starting your own fantasy sports business.  But if done right, you will acquire a huge loyal following that will be earning you income in leagues fees, membership fees and advertising dollars.  How much you want to earn is yours to determine.

To start making money with sports today, Sign Up for their 7-day free trial.


  1. Great Post! This is not something that I would have predicted. It is interesting to note the demographics. It seems like something you would expect teenagers to play, although I can see why this appeals to people fo this age and financial situation.

    I never knew there was such big opportunity available to make profits in this field (no pun intended:). I think that this is a prime example that you never know where the next “big thing” will pop up. Based on this it looks like the fantasy sports may actually rival the real thing!

    • Nah mate!  Nothing will rival the real thing.

      Gotta love the unpredictable curve balls that the real thing brings to the field.

      But playing fantasy sports alongside real matches gives the real games that extra dimension; engaging everyone in a way that just watching the sport doesn’t, if you know what I mean.

  2. Wow, what a fantastic opportunity.  

    As a couch TV player, I can see the potential of taping into this gigantic market. I know my children play games on the computer all the time whereas I always watched from the couch.

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have been looking for ideas for a new website and I believe I have now found it.

    • Hi KerryAnn,

      Glad you like the idea.  I always thought we have fun when engaged as a family in friendly competitions (be it board games or outdoors with touch footy/cricket/soccer etc).  If we’re going to watch that much tv/podcasts or tweeting/texting, fantasy sports gives us a great context for engaging with each other – just don’t take it too seriously or there’s be family feuds!

  3. Hi again, just flicking through your website and just asked a question on your Japan 2019 World Cup tickets which I would love to get an answer to, cheers.

    But I was surprised to see a post about fantasy sports on your site, I have a website myself which is all about Football and Rugby called shwnisports and I had no idea that there was such a thing as fantasy Rugby!

    I have obviously heard of fantasy Football but never heard about the Rugby one, I’m quite intrigued now and want to look into this myself

    I’ve always been nervous about starting a fantasy league but now I know that you can do a rugby one I might give it a go.

    How does it actually work with rugby though? Do you pick players you think will score or do you pick a defensive team as well?

    • Hi Matthew,

      You pick a team and then see how they perform.

      For example, with the upcoming November Internationals, you just pick which team you think will win and the margin with which they will win e.g.:

      Your Sports Fantasy Pick Summary for the Rugby Union November Internationals:

      Japan v New Zealand = New Zealand by 17
      Wales v Scotland = Wales by 6
      England v South Africa = England by 5
      Ireland v Italy = Ireland by 9
      USA v Maori All Blacks = USA by 3

      But for the die-hard players, they’re going to want to pick according to how individual players perform.  In this structure, you’re given a budget of say $7 million to buy your dream team with.  Then you follow their actual play and attribute performance points accordingly.  If a player is injured, your virtual investment will be dramatically affected.  So the fantasy play is a great one for being in the head of a coach or owner.

      That’s the beauty of running your own fantasy sports league – you can have whatever structure you want.

      By the way, I checked out your website.  If the stats reported by the Fantasy Sports Association are correct, most of your customers are likely playing fantasy sports!  I wouldn’t be surprised if they jump at a chance to play if you invited them.

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