All Blacks vs Ireland 2013 – when History passed Ireland by

It’s 2013 and it’s the All Blacks vs Ireland. With 30 seconds to go, Ireland lead 22-17.

What came next must have driven Ireland’s play against New Zealand last weekend.

Ireland rugby team logo

The Irish have since this 2013 game beaten the All Blacks in 2016 in Chicago.

But they had never beaten New Zealand in Dublin – until last Saturday.

So the 2013 All Blacks vs Ireland meeting in the video below must have been a seriously sore point.

And watching it again, you do feel for them. It was very much in their grasp, but then Nigel Owens awards a penalty against them – and more than 20 phases later, a real body blow.

Watch it again and see.

With the Rugby World Cup in Japan looming, does Ireland have it in them to remember the pain again and take the World Cup from the all-time favourites?

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All Blacks vs Ireland 2013 photo


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post! Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for game between all blacks vs ireland.


    • Good on ya. We will keep trying to provide good analyses about all the big games, as well as games involving the smaller nations.

  2. I must as that as a Kiwi, that was an amazing game and I am a great supporter of the sport also having two nephews as upcoming All Blacks makes me a very proud Aunty. I enjoyed your article and look forward to your take on future games, especially the next world cup. thank you for a great post.

    • Thanks, Cassandra. Am not an All Black fan but have great respect for Kiwi rugby and Kiwi rugby players.

  3. I am no expert on Rugby but, I love watching!  I get a lot of flack for loving rugby over US football.  I might get more flack for loving Ireland & the All Blacks the same!  Watching Rugby live is like watching the fights for me..blood & mud Yay!  

    I know the damage, all the sports I love do but, it’s hard for me to weigh in on if it’s right or not and honestly, I don’t really want to.  I’m pretty much a peace-loving hippy but, don’t take my blood & mud away!   I hear so many people in the US discussing how we are going to have flag pro football eventually so no one is taking brain damaging hits.  

    On US football days of late I keep asking the question I hope you, Shylock and any of your readers might answer for me…”Do you think that anyone in countries outside the US care about these ‘away’ games the NFL feels the need to have?  I was away from US football for ages and I just laughed and laughed saying “why the funk are they going to England to play a game?!  DOes England care about US football?  Does Mexico?  

    I ask because I would almost be annoyed.  No US rugby player that I know or, even any of the Fiji team I used to know would trade their rugby uniform for a US football uniform.  Does the US think they are going to convert fans?   

    • All the major sports feel the need to have ‘away’ games as these are just a away to build up a following overseas. This seems to have worked for the NBA and the English Premier League, to name just two, as their following outside the countries they are played in are as big if not bigger than the support at home. It also creates talent in those overseas countries, who then grow up to play in the NBA, in Australia’s case, with Simmons etc. Their success then creates more NBA fans in Australia and the cycle continues. Win win. The players wont play for the US but the rise of Australia makes the international game stronger and so on. This has also happened in soccer.
      For NFL, the Superbowl is one of the most highly watched sporting events worldwide – and most countries don’t even play gridiron.

  4. You can (and should) NEVER count the Irish out!    I really love the clip.  What an action packed 6 minutes!   Man i wish i was there in person.  Are you going to Japan to watch in person?  If so I’m jealous!

    I really wish i could take time to break away and go in person.  I have only been to one rugby game in person and it was amazing.

    • I hope to attend. I have applied for tickets but am awaiting the results. It will be fantasttic. They always are

  5. I am a kiwi and I missed the game:(

    and we lost which was unreal and the Irish team are probably still celebrating in style because of the history involved and this win will give the irish the boost they need and give the all blacks the kick up the butt they need to play better. A lesson for our guys this time around and I hear it was a really awesome game and i wish I had seen the boys in action- both sides that is 🙂

    • Yes, it was a great game. Probably the best this year. Ireland were outstanding but everyone knows the Kiwis will bounce back. The All Blacks are still the World Cup favourites.

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